12 days
SPECIAL TOUR! Yosemite - Grand Canyon and its surroundings
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Departures and trip overview

For the first course of the season, we offer you a unique experience! Travel throughout the American West through the famous city of San Francisco, the national parks of Yosemite, Sequoia, Grand Canyon to complete a superb adventure in the city that never sleeps, Las Vegas! A unique trip this year. On your mark, Brigadiers, we are waiting for you!

July 12th - July 23rd
12 days
Day 1
San Francisco

An arrival in the charming city of San Francisco, beware of the vertigo at the top of the streets! A stroll on the Golden Gate is a must, who wouldn't dream of crossing this bridge in a famous yellow school bus?

Day 2
Glory Hole

Departure from San Francisco to reach the Glory Hole, 220km for approximately 3 hours’ drive before arriving at the edge of this corner of paradise. You will enjoy a relaxing day to swim in the lake using paddles, kayaks or inflatable buoys. If the weather permits, you can enjoy an outdoor film at nightfall.

Day 3

We certainly arrive in the most impressive landscape in the world. Welcome to Yosemite, an extraordinary expanse of firs and wildlife. You won't be safe from running into a bear, for example! You can visit the park on foot or by bike and enjoy the view from the roof of the big yellow bus.

Day 4

Yosemite is a very large park where we will have the opportunity to do various activities, mainly hiking, cycling, climbing... With a little luck, we'll have the opportunity to meet some great bears, deer and wolves!

Day 5
Sequoia National Park

Lost in the paths of the Sequoia park, we will have the opportunity to discover caves and trees of unlimited height! General Sherman, for example, is a sequoia over 83 metres high and is considered to be the largest living being on the planet.

Day 6
Sequoia National Park

After a few hours of walking in the surroundings of Sequoia you can find beautiful landscapes! Ready for Moro Rock? The ascent of the 400 steps leads you to the top of this bare granite rock: you will discover a spectacular alpine view.

Day 7
Rainbow Basin Natural Area

Change of scenery! After several days in the forest, we will head towards a desert surrounded by colourful mountain ranges... the rock in all its forms and colours will amaze you completely.

Day 8
Lake Mead

We will then leave for Lake Mead 270 km and 3 hours of roads. This lake lost in the middle of the desert, cut by the famous Colorado River and located on the border between Nevada and Arizona will allow you to enjoy kayaks, paddles and inflatable buoys to refresh yourself in this unreal setting.

Day 9
Lake Mead

You can take advantage of the coolness of the lake to relax by the bus or rent jet skis or boats to discover this lake.

Day 10
Grand Canyon

A second full day in the Grand Canyon, breath-taking landscapes... The diversity and natural and landscape uniqueness of the site have made it a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Day 11
Grand Canyon

You will then have the opportunity to choose several possible activities, hikes, bike rides, helicopter flights over the canyon, a visit to the tourist centre and its many points of view.

Day 12
Las Vegas

Depending on the time of your flight, you can enjoy the city before reaching the airport! Don't be sad to leave, we'll start over on another course?


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July 12th - July 23rd
12 days
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