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5 famous roadtrips in the USA

You dream of doing a roadtrip in the United States, but you hesitate between several routes? Then this article is for you!
Here are 5 roadtrips to do absolutely! Along the coasts, inland, through large cities or natural areas, you have the choice.

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The most famous road in California: Highway 1

This mythical road, also known as Highway 1, runs along the Pacific from San Francisco to Los Angeles. A spectacular view, an infinite ocean, a rainbow of flowers and sometimes even whales depending on the season...

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Yosemite National Park: a unique destination in the world!

Yosemite is one of the jewels of the United States. This region in the centre of the Sierra Nevada extends over nearly 3081km², making it the 3rd largest nature park in California. With its breath-taking landscapes, waterfalls and giant Sequoias, go on an adventure in one of the most beautiful places in the world.

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How does a trip with the Brigade work?

Dreaming of leaving with the Brigade, but not sure how a journey works? This article is made for you, we tell you all the little secrets of Natasha...

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Travel stories: the 6 wildest challenges!

"Madness is the only thing you never regret," said Oscar Wilde.

Here are 6 atypical stories of non-conformist travellers: Antarctica on skis, travel by tuk-tuk, bicycle, or American school bus, round the world without money, on foot...

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The 3 dream destinations for 2019

Don't know where to go in 2019? We give you three dream destinations...

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The largest national parks in the United States

Our big yellow buses have been in the United States several times, so we know them by heart! As a result, we have decided to share with you the richness of each of them.

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The hotel buses that inspired the Travelling Brigade

Paul and Benoît built Natasha based on pioneers in school bus design. Here are the 3 projects that pushed the two Frenchmen to found the Travelling Brigade: Let's be nomad, Hank bought a bus, and Expedition Happiness. Discover their history....

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A Brigadier has already completed 3 courses: Costa Rica, Patagonia and the United States

I spent my very first night in Costa Rica, in a beautiful bay where I saw sharks and dolphins, just like that!

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